Expect More

Our mission was clear: to ignite inspiration and drive innovation. Drawing on a solid foundation of achievement, we embarked on a journey to redefine and completely transform the conventional perception of concrete sealer. By integrating cutting-edge technology, enhancing accessibility, maximizing performance, optimizing penetration, and elevating protection, we have not only revolutionized the industry but also established a superior approach to sealing and succeeding.

Engineered in the lab, Proven in the field - Ghostshield is now a leading global brand of innovative specialty concrete sealers, water and oil repellents, densifiers, durable coatings and structural waterproofing systems for the commercial and residential building sectors. At the core of our formulations lies the power of molecular nanotechnology. Our team has ingeniously crafted active ingredients with atomic structures reduced by a staggering 100x compared to traditional chemistries. Smaller particles means deeper penetration and deeper penetration means better protection.

With a rich history in underground waterproofing and a direct association with DeNeef Chemical (acquired by W.R Grace & Co. in 2011), our expertise spans across the globe. We have been intimately involved in prestigious projects such as the Big Dig, the Channel Tunnel, Bjarke Ingels Group's Grove at Grand Bay, Watchcase Condominiums in Sag Harbor (formerly the Bulova watch plant), Notre Dame, and the Zakim Bridge. Ghostshield's Iso-Tek™ 8501, renowned for its exceptional deep-penetrating capabilities, is widely recognized as the premier high-density vertical surface concrete sealer.

When architect Rafael Vinoly and Macklowe Properties embarked on the construction of 432 Park Ave, the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere, they knew that ordinary sealers would not suffice for penetrating the ultra-high-density reinforced concrete of this iconic superstructure.

Following extensive mockups, numerous core samples, and a year of rigorous testing, engineers and material scientists from two esteemed firms unanimously concluded that Ghostshield® Iso-Tek™ 8501 achieved unprecedented levels of penetration. It successfully reached depths of over one inch into the ultra-high-density concrete, previously believed to be unattainable.

Through groundbreaking advancements like this and our unwavering commitment to ongoing innovation in concrete solutions, we consistently achieve extraordinary outcomes. Our focus will always be to provide products that penetrate deeper, extend the service-life of concrete structures, and deliver unrivaled performance.